Dauphin AS365N


The AS365 Dauphin is a twin-engine helicopter capable of travelling long ranges, and well suited to operating in climates of a high ambient temperature or at locations of significant altitude. The main cabin area can accommodate a total of 11 passengers, or up to seven when using a more spacious VIP configuration. Access to the cabin is via large sliding doors on either side of the helicopter, built-in boarding steps are typically installed to ease the boarding of passengers.

The AS 365 is equipped with the Starflex main rotor which, in combination with the aircraft’s Fenestron tail rotor, is reportedly responsible for providing a low-vibration flight experience for those on board. While equipped with a two-man cockpit, the Dauphin can be readily controlled by a single pilot while being flown under instrument flight rules, this is in part due to the use of avionics to reduce pilot workload.

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